Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bay Shore Family Camp

We just finished up our week at Bay Shore Camp here in Sebewing Michigan. It was a great week. It's looks like we'll be back here next year! It's funny how places book us again before we even leave! I guess it's a good thing!

In case your wondering Pastor Paul is doing the white boy. lol

... and here he is trying his best to hola hoop! lol

This week at camp we had about 100 kids grades 2nd through 5th. Family Camp is really a neat concept. Families camp together and then go off to their own scheduled services. During the day there are all types of family things to do.

Just FYI our Theme this year is Whoville playing off of Dr. Seuss. Who do you say that I Am?? I Am Father, I Am Son, I Am Spirit 3 in one!! We like to find topics that kids need more knowledge in and we found that the Trinity is not taught nor understood by children. Paul is doing a great job at this and kids are getting it!

Paul is working on our ad for Faith Family it's going into the YMCA paper for August. We schedule in office work anywhere we can. It's really hard on the road.

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Wow i had so much fun thatnks

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