Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of 4th grade

My how time flies and kids grow! Autumn is so excited for school she could hardly sleep. I'm glad she enjoys school, I always did. Her choice for school shoes this year was Converse and Lillie had to have some too! She got pink high tops!

It's worked out for Lillie to go to preschool 2 days a week. She can hardly wait. It's a Christian preschool program in Owosso at the First Congressional Church. She received a scholarship so I only have to pay $36 a month. This month I only had to pay $11.00. Thank you Jesus! I'm not sure how long I would have been able to handle Autumn going to school and Lillie asking me all day long when she can go! As we went to pick up Autumn today from school, Lillie was sleeping. She woke up and the first thing she seen was the school and she yelled, "MOM! Is it my turn now!"

Lots of church plant stuff going on this week. Today Paul and I took Autumn to school and hopped on the freeway down to IKEA! You can never spend enough time there! It's such a special treat to go. We got lot of great thing for the church. Only 5 more days till the kick off!

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wow she has gotten big! Cute shoes for sure! And Ikea is def a day trip with no kids!

Yeah hope Sunday goes good for y1

gail t.

she looks absolutely cute


How cute i think lillie is ready but she is not at the same time i think 3 for school is to early so does my mom

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