Monday, September 7, 2009

Fading Days of Summer

Port Huron, Michigan

We sure do miss the ocean, we'll at lest I do anyway. We've been staying very local with our travels since Lillie was born. I do miss seeing all the different places.

With gas in the last few years (lots better this year) we just concentrated on stay mostly in Michigan and Ohio. We did do a few different states this year, but not like in years past.

We used to hit about 10 states a summer! But heres looking to new ventures with our church plant. In the summer we will still travel and speak at camps and kids crusades but we will be home on Sundays for our church. At least until our church really takes off we need to still be busy on the road for income.

Heres the clan looking for rocks.... again! We can never have enough of these you know. lol We typically have a huge pile and I tell the girls they can choose three. I'm so mean :(

The water here in Michigan is so much coolor than on the cost. Of course this summers weather has been crazy, much coolor... personally we've enjoyed it being outside all summer long with inflatables. I'm sure we won't have another summer like this for a long time.

So long summer... Hello fall!

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We went to the beach the other day and the water temp was 53 degrees it was freezing!

I had so much fun catching up on your awesome summer. These pix are wonderful~

Amy W

Yep, it's been a mild summer here too! I haven't really been complaining though. I pray your church plant really takes off! You've been doing some very creative outreach projects and I'm sure that's making people curious. :)


This is so amazing

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