Sunday, September 13, 2009

More FREE Stuff, and it's not groceries!

Another scrapbooking giveaway plus this time we add wrapping paper, bows and gift bags! What a treat!

I had had so much scrapbooking stuff left that I upped the amount to 60 items per bag.

This is some of the gift wrap that we gave away. It was great stuff. Incase your wondering how we do this, we have a membership to Naeir. Yes Naeir, sound like the stuff you use on your legs, but spelled differently. It's a place were originations give extra, run off product to Naeir and Naeir gives to Non-profit groups. Which is us! Its product that has to be used for widows, children the poor and elderly and can not be sold.

Lillie's friend Joslyn stopped by this morning. I can't believe how big my Lou is getting. It seems like she changed overnight since she turned three.

This here is the left over scrapbooking stuff from last week. I kid you not I had at least $10,000 of product!

Notice the girls school shoes. Lillie is so proud of her pink Converse high tops!

Now this is how the Good Lord protects his children. This acident happened about 1 hour after we had set up. It was approximately 10-15 yards away.

What had happened was his kick stand came down and caused him to loose control. It was so surreal as the bike flip a few times right in front of our eyes coming towards us. There is a song that says, "When you can't find the words to say.... Say the Name. All I keep saying was Oh, Jesus, Oh Jesus! It's horrible when it happening right in front of you and you can't do a thing about it. Paul was the first to call the accident into 911, I'm glad we were right there.

We are so grateful that this accident didn't happen in front of our tent you can see how close were were, debris was flying everywhere. Paul says the guy wanted to get up and check his bike, but people proceeded to hold him down. He was so concerned about his bike. He seemed to be all right, but they did put him on a stretcher and take him away in the ambulance.

Another eventful day for Faith Family:) More to come on the Grand Open!

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gail t.

Boy I wish I was around for the free stuff, isn't it great when you can give like that, that's amazing how much you had. Congrats on your first day of Faith Family your in our prayers.

Again, another beautiful ministry that you are involved in.

Wow, that accident was scary. Glad everyone was ok. Too close for comfort!

Amy W

You guys are doing amazing things! Incredible ministry - I hope the guy on the motorcycle is going to be ok! I know what you mean by surreal. God is good. All the time.


Hey wow free stuff is there any left ??


free stuff is there any mopre mrs jessica ?


Hey i love free stuff

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