Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lillies 1st Day of Pres-school!

What a treat for me! Not because I get time alone and I'm able to do some running. I'm not the kind of mom who cries because her children go to school. I didn't for Autumn and I doubt I do for Lillie. However today my eyes glossed over.
Lillie wanted to go to school so bad that it blessed me just being able to send her. I'm so grateful for that scholarship that the church gave us. Autumn didn't do pre-school. We came right of the road from traveling and into kindergarden so this is all new to me.

This morning when Autumn was getting read for school, Lillie thought that she was riding the bus like her big sister. She was disappointed. From now on, Tuesdays and Thursdays we'll take both the girls to school. So in the car dropping of Autumn off this morning, Lillie about had a break down because she wanted to get out of the car to go into the school with Autumn. She didn't realize that she had her own special school.

She had a blast! She is quite the different child from just last year having to shove her into a nursery screaming. And then me... having to walk away so we could go do a program at a church. It's sad that the girls are growing up but It's exciting. It's a new stage of our life that our family is enjoying. Bitter Sweet!

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wow i cant belive lillie is already in school

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