Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every girl needs a SNUGGIE

Autumn as been wanting a Snuggie! Crazy Child! (Secretly I think I'd like a Snuggie! What about you??) I knew that they would be to big for her so I told her that maybe Lacey would make her one for Christmas. This is all she has talked about for the last several week.

Last week in the mail Justice (Limited Too) send a catalog out and they had Snuggies in their catalog. She could hardly stand it! The money has been burning a hole in her pocket for the last month. Frankly, I'm surprised it lasted that long! lol There was a 40% off coupons in the catalog so yesterday Paul and I went and picked up her Snuggie for $12.69. This was one happy girl when she got home from school!

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I secretly want one too. I was just going to look up some patterns online figuring I'd have to make two when I get up there in a week. Glad she found one she likes.


very cute!

4 Smith's

Jess, Mo wants one too!!

Amy W

That is a great price for happiness. LOL!


I for sure have wanted one! I read too many books to not have a snuggie (the name is a little lame though, I have to say LOL).

My mom has been talking about getting one too. I'm getting her one for her bday (if she doesn't beat me to it).

She is the first person I have ever thought looks cute in a snuggie.

My family is trying to convince me I need one...well, I may be convinced if I could look as cute as your little girl :)

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