Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally Some Great Deals!!!

If you have not been to Kroger this week, you'd better hurry! I spend $27.18 on these 57 items, a savings of 82%!!! ahhh... it's been a long time since they've had great deals. Some items were already out of stock so I need to go back. For now here is what I got.

I worked the $5.00 off 10 participating items. I did this 4 times and received $20 off my bill instantly. Then by adding in my coupons with the participating items... cha ching $$$$

The best deal of the day... ALL Laundry soap for $1.49
and Snuggle fabric softener for 1.79! Go Jessica, Go Jessica... can you see me dancing?

5 Smart Balance butter
5 bags of Orelda frozen potatoes (hash browns, french fries ect)
3 Chex mix (.50)
3 Uncle Bens Read Rice
2 Idaho potatoes
2 Pepperidge Farm cookies (.50)
2 Welch grape juice ($1.00)
2 Healthy Choice lunch meats
2 Kellogs cereal
2 Pillsbury cookies
2 Pillsbury cake mixes
2 deli cheese spreads
2 Starkist tunna pouch
2 Bumble Bee tunna pouch
2 Ortega toco seasoning
1 Aussie Hair Spray
1 loaf bread
1 bag of apples

1 Playtex Rubber gloves FREE
4 Activa Yogurt FREE
3 DanActive Yogurt FREE
2 Yo Plus Yogurt FREE
2 Wholly Guacamole FREE

I know your thinking... Great Job Jessica! But I'm proud to say the my friends Hether and Shelly did better than I did! Its great to be shopping with the gals again now that the kiddos are back in school.

Heres to a long, cold, snowy, winter with lots of savings with good friends!

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Great job that's fantabulous!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage

Oh My Word! That's amazing!

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