Monday, October 12, 2009

I heart Faces... EXCITED!!!

I heart Faces is having yet another photo sharing contest. This theme is Excited!!! I was so excited becasue I had the perfect photo. The photo crop is not the greatest I cut off poor Lillies hands but her facial expression is perfect. I love seeing the little lines in her neck!

The girls were waiting in line for the trackless train at Bay Shore Camp up in Sebwing, Michigan. We were the guest speakers for this family camp. It's a beautiful camp grounds with lot to do for the family.

9 I love Comments!!:


OMG. She is REALLY excited! How cute.


that's a brilliant capture - she so so hyped!! Just a heads up though - you might want to put the shot in a seperate post with a link to the story as the rules read there is only supposed to be one picture in the linked post. You can re-link, there's still time :D


Aww, I can see she's bursting with excitement! I love her face, she's adorable. =) Lovely Photo!


oh my goodness, that booger digging picture is AWESOME!


Yes, that is a great expression!


This is too cute! I love it :-)

Amy W

I'd say she's just a tad bit excited in this picture! LOL!

michelle mceachern

pretty amazing that you got to capture this look of pure excitement! Also wanted to say that I love the verse in your header.

Christie O.

ooh i can just hear the squeal of excitement coming through!!! soo cute!!!

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