Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Mcgiver

My husband is not a tool man at all. In fact he doesn't own any tools. But he is a very smart and handy man!

Last week we were pull the trailer late one evening and the lights kept going on and off on the flatbed trailer. We stopped at Mejiers (open 24 hourse) to buy something to rewire the light. It didn't work. Nothing would work. It should have been an easy fix. (we were doing it right) After going back in to the store 3 times and spending over an hour... he had an idea. So back into the store we went...

He bought these Black and Decker bendable lights on clearance. The only thing is, trailer lights have to be red. So he purchased a bag of red balloons and placed them over the lights.

He taped them on, turned on the batteries on and we were off.

I'm pretty sure no one knew the difference! Even the cops! If only we would have done that at first it would have saved us an hour.

Thanks Mcgiver you saved the day!

4 I love Comments!!:


Cool idea! FYI - Randy is a tool guy and has many many tools and likes to fix things. Let him know if you ever need anything. Angie


I can't figure this comment thing out without being anonymous! Angie

Amy W

Pure genius!!


The creativity never ends for your family! Incredible! I love the BIG WAVE too!

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