Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naeir (Not like the hair remover)

Naeir is a company for non-profits. This place is amazing. It is an 11 acre warehouse full of awesome stuff! Naeir contacts companys and asked them to donate product. Just a few examples of the companies are: American Greeting, 3M, Pier One and Department 56. Paul and I have a Naeir membership. We get 4 catalogs a year along with 4 grab bags. The items cannot be sold, it has be given to children, elderly, poor and the needy. When Faith Family did their outreaches, this is how we got all that wrapping paper and scrapbooking items.

These photos below are not of the wearhouse but of our order that had to be picked up and of our grab bag. You have 2 hours to fill a flat cart that must be able to fit through the door. On your mark, get set, dig!!

You never know what is on the floor, this time there was furniture and carpet, tools... the list goes on. It's the luck of the draw, sometimes its good and others not so much.

Here is our cart. Only two people are allowed into the grab bag. This trip we found some awsome treasures. Photo frames and scrapbooking items, gift wrap, tools, books, desk, carpet...

This was our catalog order that we came to pick up. You can choose to pick up your order or ship it. I thinks it's cheeper to pick up! lol It is definitely worth the 8 hour drive out to Galesburg Illinois.

Now I just need to find a place to store it!!

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one word...WOW!

You do live such an interesting life (i know I tell you that all the time :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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