Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Weekend in Review

Yup, I did it again ladies and gentleman! $12.00 whoo whoo!

What a week! Friday we had equipment out into the schools in Swartz Creek for their Halloween party. At the same time we were over in Durand at Bertha Neil Elementary and we did two school assemblies.

Saturday we headed out with equipment in the morning and then an evening program for a harvest party over in Attica. I was disappointed in the harvest party.... no candy for the kiddos! And they even played carnival games and didn't win prizes! They had a great turn out but I was surprised. Good thing the girls went to a few different trunk or treats :D Needless to say this year I only received two peanut butter cups.

This Sunday we had 43 people at Faith Family! We were so excited! Following the service we had a bake sale at Krogers to raise money for Chairs. We rent them at this time. Not a bad price at .25 a chair per sunday, but we need our own.

We head out in the morning for Lenoir City in Tennessee the last family crusade of the year. It's 3 days long and Lacey is staying with the girls. It will be a nice, quick weekend away.

1 I love Comments!!:

Girl, that is amazing! $12 Wow!

I hope you will have the funds for your new chairs soon :)

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