Monday, December 7, 2009

Faith Family at 13 weeks old

It's been 13 weeks since the plant of Faith Family.  God is so amazing and faithful!  This photo here is our first Faith Family Brunch that we had two weeks ago, we had 65 people.  We are seeing new faces every week and are so blessed to be reaching families who have not been in church since they were kids themselves.  Our attendance has averaged 60 and even as high as 69.  The average age of our attendance is 22-35 with 50% of our children under the age of 10!  Now that is a healthy church!

The next two photos are of our first Friend Sunday.  Every family who brought a family, their name was placed in a drawing for dinner and a movie.  The family who won was able to take their family and their friends to dinner and a movie on us.

I feel honored and blessed to be chosen to take on this challenge of ministering to young families.  However I'm not sure on how great of a pastors wife I'll be.  This is all so new to me. (I'm still praying for a mentor for me)  We are all learning and growing together.  God showed us in a great way this week that we are in His will.  Not that we doubted him, because we jump out in faith knowing what he has called us to do.  But sometimes you just need Him to remind you that he is there and that your on the right track :D

I know that being in the YMCA allows us to do things out of the ordinary compared to the church that we have in the world today.   We are definitely not the typically church.  But with that being said we are not compromising the message of Jesus Christ in anyway.

Our goal at Faith Family is BETTER FATHERS, BETTER MOTHERS,STRONGER FAMILIES.  We want to see families worshiping together, learning together and growing together.   I believe we are well on our way...  no turning back!

Oh, by the way... we know have a music pastor!!  He started last week!  Now we are just waiting on musicians!    Drums, bass, singers.... anyone????

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Love it! It does look like a HEALTHY CHURCH! I am praising God with you!

Amy W

You will do GREAT as a pastor's wife! Congrats on the music pastor too! I'm sure the rest will come. :)

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