Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wanna win some homemade soap?

I won some amazing Peanut Butter soap last month!  I entered a contest at Great Cake Soakworks, (Amy's business who I met blogging several months back) and lucky me I won!!  I won this new Kids CD called Peanut Butter Hamster and the Peanut Butter Soap, plus to boot I was blessed with this wonder homemade chap stick.  Amy does a great job on her homemade soaps and I'm very pleased with her products.  It looks, feels, smells and taste great!  Well maybe not taste.  The quality she puts out is professional.   She has lots other products so go and check them out.   Now to win some for yourself....

Jump over to Cinnamon Hallow WAHM Reviews  to win some of your own.  I know you want some!

I was so excited when this arrived in the mail.  I thought that the girls would absolutly love it!   They love it, but I think I love it more!  I have not used any lotion since I've used this soap.   I even use it to shave with,  it's amazing!

Now go... don't be shy... go win yourself some soap!

2 I love Comments!!:

Crystal~*~Cinnamon Hollow

Thank you for posting the contest link on your blog! I agree, Amy's soap is just too awesome. hehehe It probably even tastes great too! lol

Amy W

Great promo, Jessica! Thanks! I'm so glad you're loving the soap!

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