Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back from the South

Paul and I are back from a week in Georgia!   Do you know how hard it was passing chick-fil-a at exit after exit!   This 21 day Daniel fast has been hard.  It's hard to fast when your away from home.  And you know me with resturants in the South...  Chick-fil-a,  Zaxby's,  Sonic,  Bonjangles, BBQ ... ummm   

Being on the road Paul and I could have made exceptions or excuses, but this fast is so important to not only us, but for others who we are fasting along with us at our church.  We need God to do great things  and the devil is not stealing that from me by temping me with fast food from the south!  Although I must say it was hard when I stepped foot into the BBQ restaurant and the overwhelming oder of sweet BBQ smacked me right in the face!  At the moment I realized how hungry I was!   The good news is that they had a veggie platter at the restaurant.  The bad new... no BBQ for me!  lol

We did programs for a church that was having revival with several different guest speakers,  kids were coming as early as 6:00 for Choir practice.  The program started at 7:00 and ended every night after 10:00.   One night the speaker went until 10:40.  By the time we went out to eat with everyone and got back to our room it was 1:30!   Yikes.  Were getting way to old for this! lol 

Lacey came to stay with the girls, which they love so much!!  I appreciate Lacey so much and what she does for our family.  If I had an extra room I'd move her right in with me!

We seen Avatar3D one afternoon.  Wow, it was neat.  It gave me a huge head ache and by the end I felt sick to my stomach, but it was a cool movie.   It was nice for Paul and I to just get away together.

2 I love Comments!!:

your will power impresses me.

But for His is so worth it :)


I was dizzy after that movie and had a hard time walking at first.

I appreciate your family as well and allowing me to travel with you over the years. Fun times!

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