Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juggling Life

So here's a quick run down in the life of the Dietzels...

We got a new D.O.G. today.  He's a Labradoodle named Harley and he's 11 months.  Pictures coming soon.  I sure have been slacking on my photos lately.

Paul and I have made a trade with the YMCA.  They are giving us a membership to the Y and we are giving them inflatable rentals.  I think it's a great deal.  Paul and I have worked out twice now.    Paul has lost 10 pounds since the fast.  He impressed me today by running on the treadmill.   It's nice to workout together.

Autumns grades have been not so great.  Were waiting to hear back from her teacher.  It's likes he gets it or she don't.

Our 21 day Daniel fast is over and my first meal that I made, (lasagna) I burned :D  I wish I could make my mother proud.

I'm working on a new blog design.  I'd like a different name.  Something that represents our family.  Any ideas?  It's hard to find a theme because we are no longer just traveling doing kids program.  Nor are we  just church planters.  We do so many different things.  I don't want it to be to girly,  I want to keep it as our family, not just me.   So, who knows whats gonna happen.

Servant Hands (our Ministry)...
Bookings for summer are coming in!  THANK YOU JESUS!  We are booking all summer but making sure we are home on Sundays for our Church.

We'll be purchasing a few new pieces of equipment in the next two weeks.

Paul and I are heading to Ocean City Maryland in a few weeks.

Faith Family (church plant)...
This Friday we are having a girls night out.  I'm expecting about 10-15 ladies.

I'm excited that the average age of our church is between the ages of 23-35 with almost 1/2 the attendance under the age of 12.

We are planing an "I Can't Believe it's not a Valentines Banquet" the week after Valentine's Day.  Like a spoof of  "I can't believe it's not Butter "  We are trying to get away from the traditional banquet because we have lots of single parents, young, not married and a few older divorced.  We want everyone to come.  We are selling our tickets but if you buy one you get one free.  This way you have to invite others to come.  This should help in bringing in some new families,  in a different kind of atmosphere.

Well that's not all, but for your sake I'll stop! lol

2 I love Comments!!:


you have a new dog? Out of all your updates that's what jumped out at me (I guess because I knew the other stuff)


Love the NOT valentines plan; I hope it is wonderful for everyone!
A new D.O.G.! That should give you new blogging material! :)
Good for you on the YMCA swap. We recently got a memebership and we love it!

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