Monday, February 8, 2010

Glad to be home!

What a crazy weekend!  I couldn't take a good photo of the Bay Bridge in Maryland, so I googled it!  Just so you can see this massive bridge!   It is an amazing piece of art!  I've been over it a dozen times and it's never been a big deal.  This time I was almost sick!  The brigde was closed this weekend in Maryland because of the snow and wind!

I just wanted to you to see this site so you sympathize with me :D At least in the summer if we flew of the bridge we would not die of hypothermia?  We'd have a chance of survival!

 We were so blessed with this upgrade of our room at the Hilton!

There was so much room for the whole family.  However it was just Paul and I for the weekend.   I did skype with the girls twice while we were gone.  They loved seeing the ocean from my computer!  We didn't get to the ocean last year with our travels.




 This was our view from our room the first day I arrived.  The storm was coming.  We were on the 10th floor.  I love to sleep at night and hear the tide come in!  If the dear Lord would just call us to work over by the ocean, I'd go in a heart beat!

 We set up 10 inflatables for the teens and kids. 

This trip out there were no programs for us, just a work day.  It's always nice to take breaks from the summer kids crusades and camps that we do every day all summer long, but just about this time of the year we get itching to go again.  I think we have one week left that is not booked for summer!  Thank you Jesus!

This here was the kids program, it was going on in the convention center during the teen Winterfest.  They usually run about 800 kids,  only about 400 kids this year with everyone knowing the snow was coming.  This was our eighth year coming over with our equipment.  We've watched these programs grow over the years.

This is the youth service.   Usually they run about 3,000 crazy teenage!  Only about 2,000 this year.

 Finally the Sun comes out!  We had to stay an extra day because the bridge was closed and we couldn't get home.  The road were still horrible and it was a stressfull dive out of the bay.   But we made it and it's nice to be home.

Lacey has informed me that Lillie put a bead up her nose and she had to dig it out with tweezers while we were gone.  Other than that everything on the home-front went great!  Thanks Lacey for watching the girls, yet again :D

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