Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I Can't Believe it's Not Valentines" Banquet

We'll Faith Family had it's first annual "I Can't Believe it's NOT Valentines" Banquet.  We wanted to do it after Valentines Day so that it wouldn't be a lovey, dovey, to cheesy valentinie party.  We wanted everyone to come no matter if you were single, widowed or divorced.  We had 50 people which we were pleased with.  We look at like this.  If we can just win one family per outreach we do than the money is well spent!  Tickets were buy one get one free so everyone had to invite someone :D  Most everyone did.

The food was soooo yummy.  We were blessed with only having to pay for the food.  Thanks to a great friend from the Freedom Center.

I made these really cute flowers (not to Valentine) but boy did it kill my fingers!  But, they looked great and that's what mattered!

Everyone walked away with a prize.  We drew numbers and each couple/person got choose a balloon.  In the balloon was a ticket that told the prize they won.  One lucky winner won a $45 gift card to Out Back Steak house.  I wish it me :(

My friend Phyliss came over the night before the banquet and taught me how to make chocolate covered strawberries.  I though they looked great for my first time.  They tasted delicious!

I made a photo booth up for everyone who wanted to get their photos done.  I bought lots of silly props.  It was a hit.

So that's the latest on the Faith Family Church Plant...

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The balloon flowers are CUTE! And I love the silly props!

Amy W

What a fun party! You guys did a GREAT job! The balloon flowers are totally worth it! I can just imagine how fun the photo booth was too. Wish I could have come (with my hubby, of course). :)

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