Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... A great place to shop!

This was a great find.  We just happened upon The Unclaimed Baggage Center.  It's located in Scottsboro, Alabama.  It's a great place that we stopped at frequently when traveling through Alabama.  You name it they got , and for Cheap!!  I feel sorry for the poor people who lost those souvenirs and their cameras!

Over one million items pass through the store annually. About 60% of the merchandise is clothing with the balance of the store dedicated to cameras, electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, designer optical, books and of course, luggage.  The vast majority of items are from unclaimed baggage which, after at least 90 days of intensive tracking by the airlines, are declared unclaimed. However, unclaimed cargo is also available throughout the store.

I attached a video so you can see what it's all about!  You need to go if your ever in the area.

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I've heard about that store and really wish there was one around here! I can just imagine the gold mine that's in there! Are their prices reasonable? I've always wondered.

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