Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots to do before the weekend!!

This Saturday we are having on our first "I Can't Believe It's Not Valentine" banquet.  We are doing this as an outreach to meet new families.  We've asked the people at Faith Family (church plant) to buy their tickets but when they do they get some free.   We've got some great friends from our former church coming to cater our meal for free!  Thank you Jesus!  Were giving away tons of great prizes as well as have lots of fun.  We're trying not to be to "Valentinnie"  if that's a word!  We want others to come that are single or not married.  Just a lot of food, fun and fellowship!  I'll keep you posted.  I've got 3 more days to get it all together!  ahhh.    No, it's gonna be great!

2 I love Comments!!:


That sounds like fun! Our church does a V-day banquet and always tries to get me to go, I always pass because I hate being the single person at a lovey-dovey thing - blah.


Great idea! Love the slogan :-) Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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