Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Sleeps In A Box

Night ONE in the box.  Each night when I go to bed I take Lou and put her back in her bed.  On this morning I found her back in the box!  

Night TWO in the box.  Notice she's sleeping in her dress up :D  Silly Girl.

Night THREE in the box.

No night Four... I guess the box ran it course.  I was wondering how long she would last.  It will be a great story to tell when she gets older.

I asked Lillie why she didn't want to sleep in her box last night.  She answered saying that the box is not comfy no more like my bed. 

I'm so glad the girls are creative like there daddy.

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This is really cute! Sophie is really into Sleeping Beauty right now and she would so love to do that. We'll be moving in about a month so I'm sure we'll have our share of boxes to sleep in, eat on, play with, etc.


That is hilarious! I have a two-year old little girl...and wow, what an imagination she has. Glad to know other kiddos do crazy stuff too! This is just too cute!

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