Monday, March 1, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... the biggest loser!

Summer 2002

I Don't know how many times I've gotten wet over the years.  During each Family Crusade we have an offering contest.  There have been summers where Paul has swallowed gold fish, got pies in the face, you name it  It's probably be done.  I did the pie in the face once and nearly throw up.  Never again have we done the pies in the face.  Most often it's water.  Water is an easy clean up a no one gets hurt.  A few years back Pastor Paul laid in a coffin of 200 Madagascar cockroaches.  I guess I'll have to show you some photos of that!  I'm sure your think I'll have to see it in order to believe it.  Look for them tomorrow!!

2 I love Comments!!:


Where'd you guys get 200 cockroaches? YUCK!

Amy W

I'm a little afraid to look tomorrow. That would really creep me out. Oh, and trying to swallow a goldfish would probably make me throw up. The pie doesn't sound so bad. :)

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