Monday, March 22, 2010

Forgot Something

This pastor's wife is not a Paula Dean, nor a Rachel Ray.   Which I am totally fine with.  Perhaps if I just could make something well,  it'd at least feel good about myself!  In case you're wondering why my cake didn't turn out.  It was because there was a missing ingredient.  You know that stuff that makes the cake rise!

So any idea what the pastors wife should bring to a get together... something simple and easy.  You should probably recommend something you don't have to cook.  It's so cheesy to just bring chips and dip!

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rice crispy treats?
I think chips and dip are just fine!
Of course I am also challenged in the baking/cooking arena. Thankfully my daughters are much better cooks!
I bet your cake still tasted good!



Make chili in a crockpot - there's no messing that stuff up! can cook hamburger right? LOL


now your cooking like me, the crispy treats sounds like a good for next potluck, do you think the'll mind???

enjoying your blog.

susan Green

Hey I just got a great one.. Take crescent roll roll them into one peece of dough... Take cram cheese and spread it on the dough ... Then put real bacon bits on it and roll it up... Cut into small pieces and cook... My girls and the daycare love it.. one roll if you make them smaller will produce at least 12 bite size pieces... Mmmm..

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