Sunday, March 21, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... Speed Stacks

Oh how we love Speed Stack.  It was back in 2004 When I got our first stack of cup.  I was at CPC (children's pastors conference at the Opryland Hotel in Tennessee) when we were totally blessed by Speed Stacks and given 35 stacks of cups for me to teach kids this amazing task!

Autumn was just four years old when she learned this. 

If you've never seen speed stacks you can check out their site.  They are a great company!

We are teaching here in this photo under the canteen pavilion at a church camp in Illinois.

And I'll have you know that I'm way faster than Pastor Paul! lol Most days!

3 I love Comments!!:


Oh! Fun! My sisters did this a couple years ago and I wanted to, but was busy with babies. I so want to try this now!

Amy W

I think my girls do this in PE class. They send home an order form every year, but we've never gotten them. We used to do a cup routine to Rich Mullins' Yellow Submarine song when I was in junior high. I still remember it!


I should get my stack out and teach the girls how to stack. That is if I remember how to do it.

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