Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little bit of everything...

At Family Family this past Sunday we had a Family Skate Night!  It was a huge success.  We go the whole rink to ourselves.  One of our philosophies is... win one family from each even we put on.  We have  had a family who commented on our Faith Family fan page that said they'll see us on Sunday.  That was our first time meeting them so I hope we see them again on Sunday.  We had 118 people show up to this event.  It blew our socks off!!  Yeah God!

Mr. Bacon is adjusting very well as you can see.  We all love him.  Paul and I have been working out at the YMCA on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings when we drop of Lillie at school.  We've been taking Mr. Bacon with us and walking him after we workout at the Y.

I don't know if I've shared this with you but we get a YMCA membership for free because we've traded them a few inflatables for some of their events.  It works out great because we both have no out of pocket expense!  Back to the good old days of bardering and trading.

This is last weeks shopping trip to Kroger.  I Saved a 89% off my bill spending a whole $6.42.  This excites me so much.  I know you all think I'm crazy.  I just can help it!

This is todays trip spending a whole $8.00.  Again can I say how much I appreciate my friend JJ showing me how to do this.     What a blessing to be able to save money for my family.

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Amy Warden

I'm starting to catch on to the couponing thing. I did have a transaction go bad at CVS last week. My deodorants were supposed to get up being 16 cents each, but they didn't have one of the brands on my coupon, so I paid a LOT more. Win some, lose some. I'll get better at it. :)

Amy Warden

My deodorants were supposed to END up being, not GET up being.

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