Thursday, March 11, 2010

Which is the better deal?

I went shopping the other day and spend a bunch of money on grocery's!!  $17.00  You know me better than that!!

Paul went and got a hair cut after we went coupon shopping and he spent $17.00.  As he came out of Walmart he explained that their price had gonna up and he though that I got the better deal of the day!  I'd have to agree.  If your gonna get a hair cut at Walmart for $17.00 you might as well go to a real salon, then at least you'll  know you'll get an even hair cut!  I swear 9 times out of 10 it's always uneven :D

3 I love Comments!!:


I wish I had extra time to devote to couponing... :( cause thats awesome! I got the tools to do it I just dont have the time or energy these days... nor do we have storage for stocking up :-\

Amy W

I did a Walmart haircut - ONCE. Never again!!! My hubby gets the best deal on haircuts, cause I do it for free!


$17.00 for a men's haircut?!?! I've seen them advertised for $10 other places! There's not even that much hair to cut! LOL

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