Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Family Addition

I'd like you to meet... Mr. Bacon

He is one year old Whippet.

He's so sweet and loving.

The best part... He has no oder!  None! Nothing! Nada!!  It's amazing!  
I kid you not he does not smell like a dog!

I actually love him!  Which if you know me at all.  I'm not a animal lover at all, but I love Mr. Bacon!

Husband will be taking Mr. Bacon this month to start his therapy training. He will be going to schools to help children in the reading program and even to hospitals to comfort sick kids.    We are excited about this new adventure!

2 I love Comments!!:

Amy W

He looks sweet! I'm not a dog lover either, so if you say he's great, I believe you. I'm sure he'll bring so much joy to a lot of kids!


No smell?!?! Does he shed? We may have to trade in our Brittany! LOL

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