Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clowning Around

Autumn and Paul and taking a clown class together.  Paul and I have not clowned in 10 years but Autumn is showing some interest so they decided to take this class together.

This was the week where they worked on there hobo face. 

Each week they work on a different type of clown face. (white face, auguste, hobo)

Autumn is learning how to use a stead hand.  It's really hard but in time I'm sure she'll get.

They had their first clown gig at a local park for an easter egg hunt.  They made balloon animals and did some face painting.  Lillie of course had to clown too!  I  gave her my old clown nose and she surprised me by wearing it all day.  I couldn't believe it.  This summer we will work on her costume. We are one strange family! lol  Clown graduation is tomorrow so I'll have more photos tomorrow.

Here is my great spending spree for the day...$1.31 at Kroger.

Did I mention we have kitties! We have four girls and one boy, they were born on Good friday.  They are so sweet but they are all finding a new home.... any takers?

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Amy Warden

I don't think I even knew that you had a cat. Kittens are my favorite!! My girls would LOVE to have a kitty. :)

I'm combining couponing and paying cash for groceries this month. Should be an all-time low amount spent. I'm so excited!! Too bad we don't have anywhere that doubles coupons around here. I did make a little bit of money on some coupons at Walmart this week - that was a first!

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