Monday, April 12, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... Maui 2005

Well, being that spring break here in Michigan was a pretty cruddy week with rain and cool weather, I figures we might as well reminisce about Maui!

You know that perfect 82 degree weather all year round with that tropical breeze!  ahhh

Paul and I were able to get away in November of 2005 alone...  It was awesome.  This photo here we were taking a trail that took us up through a bamboo forest and the prize was a huge water fall.

This was a bike trip down the volcano.  A van came to pick us up at 3:00 am and it took us to the top of the volcano and watched the sunrise, then we rode bikes down to the valley.

It was freezing up there!  Around 30 degrees then by the end of the day trip it was 82 degrees!

We also did the tourist helicopter ride which made me sick!

Ahhh, great memories... I think I hear Maui calling my name again.

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Amy Warden

Funny, I think it's calling mine too! *sigh*

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