Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kiss'n a Pig

We put out a challenge a few weeks ago to Faith Family (church plant).  If we had 80 people  I would kiss a pig!

We are averaging around 50-60 people and are tying to get over that hump.  As you know we ran 130 on Easter Sunday. It was a great day and showed our potential.  It's just getting people to be faithful and realize that they need to be in church every week!

So I chap sticked up my lips and wiped the pigs nose, because it was running with some clear slime and gave him a nice big pucker!!

I smelled pig all through service!  I wonder why!!

It was a great Sunday at FAITH FAMILY!

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What song did you end up playing?


Now THAT is dedication! lol
I am so happy that your church is growing and doing so well.
: )

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