Friday, April 23, 2010

Nappy Time

It seems to me that the only time my husband pick up the camera lately is to take photos of me sleeping!

You know how it goes, mom is never in any of the photos!

Now mom is the one sleeping in all the photos!
Mind you this would never happen with any other dog!  I can't believe this dog has no oder!  Most everyone knows that I'm not a animal lover!  Mr. Bacon is adjusting very well as you can see,  we all love very much.  Paul and been take him on bike rides and that helps get out some of the Whippet energy!  He is such a lover!

HA!  I did manage to get a few nappy time photos myself!

So the cat is out of the bag!  Yes the Dietzels do take Cat naps almost everyday!  It's good for you.  Have you had your nap today?

3 I love Comments!!:


Nap? Yes, please!!!


Wow, that dog loves his naps!


haha! Love it! How wonderful that you all love the dog so much!
: )

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