Monday, May 31, 2010

Faith Family Picnic

Yesterday (Sunday) was a AWESOME day, a EXHAUSTING  day, a HOT day, a LONG day... but it was worth it!   We started out at church for Faith Family, mind you we set up and tear down in the YMCA.  Then off to the house to set up for Autumns 10th Birthday Party from 3-5pm and then the church picnic from 6-8pm!   Yes,  I nearly crawled to bed last night!

The photos here are off the Faith Family Picnic.  We had around 80 people show.

My Pastor makes the best corn dogs!! Man I love him!!! lol

You can not just eat one!

I'm not telling you how many I had!  shhh

We launched Water Balloons....

We had only a few minor injuries :D

A party would not be a party without our inflatables!

We played yard games...

Tug of War, Ladder Ball, Corn Hole, Washer Toss...

Paul and I are loving our new family (Faith Family).   It's taking us time to meet new families and share Christ love with them,  but we are getting there.   We are making great friends and building new relationships along the way.   I'm thankful the Lord is giving us this opportunity!

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Amy Warden

How fun!! My younger daughter would have eaten her weight in corn dogs - she LOVES them! :)

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