Monday, May 24, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... Our Nanny Lacey

This Memory Lane Monday I thought we'd take it back to the beginning.   

I figured since Lacey's been with the girls while we've traveled these past 2 weeks and onto the third, I should introduce her to you.   I'm not a crazy mom who leaves her children behind!

I met friend Lacey when my dad pastored her church when I was in the 6th grade.  Lacey is one year older than I am and we are great friends!   When Paul and I started to travel doing Children's Evangelism in 2000 I asked Lacey to come along for our summer travels and watch Autumn.  Autumn was just 3 months old at the time.  (You know a mom just can leave her baby in the church nursery not knowing anyone, and most nursery's are disgusting so I've found out on our many journey's from state to state.  That is a whole another topic in its self!) Our first time out with Lacey was to Nebraska to speak at a camp where they bused in inter city kids.  (sorry I have no photos to go back that far, i'd have to scan them)

Soon our travels were not just summers but 9 months long.  Lacey would go home to put in her resume and try to find a job teaching because she graduated from MSU with a teaching degree.  Lucky for us she belonged to us most of the time.  

(Watching a helicoper land in a church yard)
Autumn loves Lacey and I have to admit so do Paul and I.  Now that Lillie has come along she also adores Lacey.  I think growing up with Lac has made a huge difference in having her around she is just like family.

(Tybe Island, GA)
Lacey travel with us for 5 years, until we came off the road to put Autumn in School.  Now she is around most of time if I need her.  Which is a huge blessing.  I love that she runs my house as I would, and the girls can pull nothing over on her!  It's almost as if I'm not gone at all.  It is great peace of mind.

(Greenville, SC)

(New York at the Statue of Liberty)
I do believe that Lace has probably been to at least 25 different states with us.  At one time she was collecting hotel keys.  No telling how many hotels we've stayed at over the years!  I don't want to know!

(This is when we first got our Freightliner truck)

(Gatlinburg, TN)
I had so many photos of Lacey and Autumn to choose from!  She did make a great photographer. While trying to find photos for this post, there were lot of photos she had taken of our family.  Great memories.  Sometimes I really miss those traveling days.

(Washington DC)

(Disney World)

(Hot Springs, AK)

(South Carolina Zoo... trying to stay cool over the air vent)

Thanks Lacey for all your hard work and loving my girls, caring for them as if they were yours!  See you in the morning!

So long blog friends we are off to Mississippi!  See you in a week!

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You are so sweet and I love all of you as well and consider you my family.

Hmm, I forgot I collected hotel keys. I wonder if I put those somewhere or got rid of them (and yes we've stayed in too many hotels)

Thanks for letting me tag along on your many adventures.


That was nice. Thanks Jess - we love her too!

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