Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ludlow Falls Camp

This camp was the most primitive camp we've been to, but it was great, hot, sweaty fun!

They took the kids to the a local water park for the day.  I didn't pack my swim suit this trip (that way I don't have to swim) so I had to take a quick trip to Kohls to find a suit!  That is a whole other post in it's self!  grrrrrr

It was such a hot day but the pools were nice.  

The kids had s crawdad competition, so off to the stream we went!  The girls wanted nothing to do with this, nor did I...  Pastor Paul enjoyed every second of it.

They cooked a few for the kids to try.   I try them too, they were taste!  However I did not peel it myself.  That crazy man in the photo did it for me!

The kids usually get to walk up under the falls but the water was to high because of the rain this week.   We still got a pretty good family photo.  I put it on fb and my friends think it looks like a 1990 Olan Mills photo!   Thanks to my fixed 50 lens I'll take that as a compliment!

Her is Autumn's cabin crew...  and Lillie the tag along :D  All the girls just love her and mother her.

This here is the open air tabernacle.... HOT HOT HOT.  This was a busy week for us.  We did 10 programs in 6 days!   There were about 130 campers.  Boy oh boy did Paul soaked though his shirts this week and it's not even August!  I'm sure he is a tad bit skinner!

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Amy Warden

The look on Lilly's face with that crawdad is priceless! And I'd say you got a great family photo too!


haha! What an adventure you have with your family! I recently had a swim suit shopping experience! I agree - grrrr!
I like your family picture. : )

Homestead Living

Well Hello Dietzel family!!! This is Jennie aka Rylie's mom from Ludlow Falls camp. Just stumbled upon your blog today when the girls and I were looking at pictures of the camp on images. How fun! We are looking forward to having your family back in a few years. Until then, please stop in anytime you're in the area.
Many blessings,
The Warner's

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