Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Husband!

iphone_deluxe_concept.jpg New Iphone 4G Black picture by Lizoroq93
My awesome husband said Yes to the new iphone.  Oh how he loves me??? or wants to make our life easier??   It's my first and I'm loving it so far!  Tip anyone?  Apps that I need?  Any Suggestions???

Busy Busy around here stay toned to the Travels of the Dietzel family!  We are in Granger Indiana at Journey Church.  Great people here!

2 I love Comments!!:

Amy Warden

No iPhones in this family. Just so-called "smart phones". :)


well I have a droid so im not sure if the aps are the same.. but I love the flash light ap, so i can find stuff in the dark, RUN KEEPER is good if you run or bike ride or even walk, bebble is a fun game :) - google reader ap (i read all my blogs on my droid now), gmail ap, facebook ap, camera fx (camera ap), retro camera, pandora, and i think thats all i really use right now :)

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