Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here's what I've been up to!

I've jumped with both feet into this Face Art!
At Brown City Camp I ran into this awesome Face Artist named Brenda.   I asked her to come to my cabin and teach me.  She agreed!!  

I'm so geeked!  I'm hoping that this new endeavor will help us bring in extra income this winter.

I'm working on birthday parties, school carnivals, mom to mom sales... I'm looking for anywhere that will let me paint.   I think I'm about ready to start charging.

Boys are much harder than girls.  Girls love butterflies and crown, boy... ugh.

I've learned to make my own rainbow cakes.  This style of face art is quick and easy because of the use of multi colors at one time.

Even Pastor's Wives love them!  I've been painting for about 4 weeks now!  I just love it.

Here is Autumn with her Friend...

Then there is Lillie who wants to be a butterfly everytime!!

5 I love Comments!!:


Great job, Jessica!
What a wonderful way to contribute to your income!

I hope you are recovering from your beyond full and fast moving summer of ministry! Wow!

: )



You're doing an amazing job! I've actually never seen people do face paint like that - normally it's just a picture on the cheek!

Amy Warden

I love it!!! Get some designs that you are super comfortable with, then expand from there. Yes - I'd say you are ready to charge $$ for this!


Wow, only 4 weeks you managed to draw this well? Excellent! Really pretty!!! My favorite is the red Indian!

Elena Tuckey

shes sooo cute!! :D
Elena Tuckey

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