Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So That's Why I'm so Tired!

I'm feeling super tired this week, and so is Pastor Paul.  Summer has finally caught up with us!  I captured this photo last week of Paul taking a nap before our evening program.

And then again...

It's no secret that the Dietzel's take a nap everyday if possible!

We are now finishing up our last Kids Crusade of the summer here in Port Huron.  THis is our last hotel stay for a while!   Thank you Jesus!

So here is some useless information for you...

Our season started May 1st and went through September 1st.

We have done 6 camps this summer...
14 Kids Crusdaes...
11 Family Fun Fairs...

We have done 124 stage programs this terribly hot summer! 
(I know those  numbers don't add up but at camps we do sometimes 2-3 programs a day)

oh and don't forget set up and tear down at the YMCA on Sunday Mornings for our Church plant
...14 times

We've been to 8 different states...

You can figure out for yourself how many hotels we've stayed in, how many fast food restaurants (not enough Chick-fi-la) we've eaten in, and how any late night dinners we have had. (1/2 off appetizers at Apple-bees)!!

 Thanks be to God there were no Lice epidemics this year!!

So there you have it!  I can't believe when Paul and I first started traveling as Children's Evangelist we were booked 9 months a year!  How in the world did we do that!  I guess the answer is... we were young!

We are not finished with our season yet.  We are still busy most weekends through October, but at least know we can sleep in our own bed. 

So with that I guess I can justify why I'm so tired and don't feel like doing a thing!!

2 I love Comments!!:

Amy Warden

Merciful heavens!! Do take some time off for awhile, why don't you? Time to re-charge those batteries!


Oh my goodness, were you the clown tonight at Col. Woods Back to School Bash? I wasn't there but my husband Mike brought the girls, and Grace (9) mentioned a cute clown and I said 'OH WAS IT THE DEITZELS?" and she said "WHO?" I said "Pastor Paul and Miss Jessica?" ..."OHH OHH ya know I THINK IT WAS ...SHE SOUNDED LIKE HER!!" hahaha and you told me at the fun fair at Brown City that you were doing some clowning...hmm and Mike my husband used you guys for blow ups for Chrysler's work picnic this past Sunday!! you do good work and you need a rest! haha You'll have to click on my name and email and tell if you were indeed "the cute clown!" haha

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