Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silver Bay YMCA

We just returned from a Conference for YMCA pastors and chaplains.  I say it was just, but it was really a week ago.   I'm just getting caught up. We stayed for free at this great place with an amazing view.  I'm sorry to say that it rained all 3 days we were there.  My camera has fried and died so all you get to see is  these photos that I sadly did not take, they are from their web site.  
Hey, at least the sun is shinning in these!

So this is the Front of the Campgrounds. 
The only way to get here was by boat.  People boated over from New York and Vermont in the mid 1800's to Vacation.

This is the orginal inn that everyone stayed at when they came over to stay for months at a time.
This piece of property is rich with amazing history.  Christ is truly the center at this YMCA camp.

This chapel was built in 1902 and still has Sunday services.   
We meet in here the first night we arrived.

It looks exactly like this photo I got of the web!!  
(praying that the Lord would bless me with a new camera)

This is the room we meet in for 3 days, however the sun was not shinning.
...But God's son was shinning.

This photo I did take with my crappy camera!!  Our first day here, the rain cleared for two hours.  We climbed 1,300 feet to the top!  It was hard work and I was sweating like a pig!  All of the older pastors were kicking my butt!  You could tell they worked out at the YMCA!  We decided to take the path straight to the top.  Not the long way around, heavens no that would be to easy!  We want to make memories people! 

We didn't have cell service for our stay here.  Look around I'm sure your not surprised.  The funny thing was, as we got 3/4 of the way up the mountain my phone starting ring... beeping... texting... everything was coming through!  It's amazing what happens when you get out of the forest!

It was a great week weekend.  I can say that the Lord allowed to see a little bit more of His vision... 
for us and Faith Family.

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What a beautiful place! And for Christ at the Y - I LOVE that!
I am thankful you had that time there! But your camera??? I know that is a huge dissappointment! I am so sorry! Your camera is like an extension of you, isn't it?!
I pray that you will be blessed with a new one soon and can not be discouraged as you wait.
: )

Amy Warden

What a beautiful place! Glad you got the needed rest and inspiration you were seeking - even if it was raining and your camera died. :(

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