Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spud Fest

Faith Families 2nd Annual Spud Fest

This past Sunday we had our 2nd Annual Spud Fest at our Church Plant.  I'm happy to say that the Pastors Family won 1st place!  There were no names on the potatoes so the judges had no clue it was ours!  I'm telling the truth here.  However the girls were dyeing to get that 1st prize gift of an Applebee's gift card!   I felt felt bad because I wanted one of our families to win, but the girls were excited... sometimes they get the short end of the stick if you know what I mean.  The joy of being a PK!

We make our potatoes into a pumpkin snowman!  The rules go like this.  You can use any type of potato and you can do anything you want to it!  There were three categories... adult, kids, family.  We had a great turn out.  We had a hot potato bar and potato chip bar for good eats, then played games with the parent like...  the men mashed potatoes with there hands and the moms tried to see who could peel the potato the fasted!  I tell you what... that Faith Family church knows how to have some fun!

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Fun! I saw all your pictures on Facebook, but couldn't quit figure out what was going on LOL

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