Thursday, November 18, 2010


Paul and I were givin Ticket to IAAPA... the tickets cost $350 each!!
If you know anything about my crazy dream big husband... this was his dream vacations.  Not only because it cost it nothing to get in, and they covered our gas because we delivered some inflatables for a vender there but all the fun and carnival food was free!!

The exebitor hall was 420,000 square feet of trade show floor,  with 1,200 different venders.

We rode indoor carny games, played in the photo booths, got glitter tattoo, played carny games, climbed rockwalls....  However we DID NOT PLAY ON ANY INFLATABLES! LOL  We do that enough!

We ate till our heart was content...Egg Rolls, Funnel cake, Frozen yogurt, Ice cream,  Slushies, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, homemade Potato chip, Roasted almonds, Polish sausage, Potato on a stick, Dipp'in dots, Mini melts, Coke, Pudding, Nitrogen Sherbet, Frozen coffee, Grape sprite, Snow Cream, Pizza..  That's all I can remember at this point in time.  No cotton candy for me but you better believe it was there!

At IAAPA you can purchase roller coasters down to stuffed animals that go in the vending machines,  concession franchisees to just a Shaved Ice machine.  Which is next on my list by the way!

Paul and I came and we dreamed big... Him much bigger than I! 
I think sometimes I put him in a box.  I'm working on that!

Paul and I are praying for an indoor play place for our inflatables to do indoor birthday parties as well as a place for our church to met.   This would allow us to stay local and do ministry and remain self-employed.  

This inflatable is not on my list... however I do want a water slide!

Check out this huge video screen!  The guy said there is one size larger! ha

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Amy Warden

How fun!! You guys are incredibly blessed - God is using you and He has more great plans, so watch out! :)

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