Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First Gig!!

This weekend I painted myself up and I was off to my first paying gig... a birthday party!

I painted 11 kids in just over an hour.

I even got tipped $$$$$

I hoping for a few more parties to help us get through this winter a little easier.

What do you think?

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YOU DID AWESOME! - A friend of ours in ohio runs this business, u should ask her for some tips, tell her Pastor Travis sent you ;-) - shes more keen on him than me.. we didnt really click all that much, but I did a few gigs for her as an assistant.


you did such a great job and are getting better each time I see your photos. I'll hire you someday (who knows when that day will be but you're hired!)


You did a great job! I would totally hire you if I had money! (The next birthday isn't until April so who knows! LOL)

Amy Warden

I think you are awesome!! Very talented and worth every penny. Way to go!!

gail t

Awesome Jessica
I want one


Wow I remember when you were telling me at Brown City Camp you were going to do're doing awesome!! Grace came home today from Camp Christmas at Colonial Woods with her face done up beautifully and I yelled out "OH Jessice did it...she's doing awesome! I love it!!" so way to go,you're doing an awesome job!!


Yep - same as what Jeni said! : )

Thanks for the great program you gave our kiddos! They wouldn't miss Pastor Paul and Jessica!

I hope you have a FANTASTIC Christmas!
Blessings to you and your family,

Elena Tuckey

Jessica u r great!!! =) Merry CHRISTmas!! luv u guys and tell Autumn and Lilly i said hi!! Miss U!! :D
Elena Tuckey

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