Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faith Family Gives Back

This Past week Faith Family has been busy leaving our mark!  We have taken it upon ourselves to redo the Tot Watch room at the YMCA.  This is the room that our Kids ages K and under meet in also.



Paul and I took a trip to our  my favorite store.  I could live here!  I could spend all my money here and I could eat all the cinnamon rolls I want here!  lol   I love IKEA!

Their meatballs are really yummy too! 
 Did you know you can eat breakfast here for just $.99!  Plus you can leave your children in their childcare room while you shop!  Anyway back to the remodel!


Sorry you can't see the whole wall.  I wasn't thinking when I took the photos.
The "green leaves" were a must!  That is the one thing I just had to have for this room.


Paul and I have the vinyl cutter that cute all the words for the walls and mirror plus those super cute butterflies.  It's funny... I've cut vinyl for tons of churches, my friends and mothers house, but not my own!  lol Someday!!!


Again sorry about the angle :(

So there you have it! 
 I think I'll be moving into the the Newly remodeled Tot Watch room!  
It's funny because all the workers in the YMCA are fighting over who is working in New Room!

2 I love Comments!!:


It looks SO much better!

Amy Warden

How fun!! I have yet to enter an IKEA store. I've drooled over a catalog once, but that's about it! You guys did a great job!

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