Friday, June 10, 2011

Face Art

I just realized that I have only blog one time on my face art!  My new love! 
 I've gotta get you all up to speed!  

 I love having my own face painted! lol  I paint it when I go and do a birthday party! 
 I guess it's the only way I feel I can justifly the love of it! I want one too! lol

It will be year in August since I begged my husband to buy me these paints!  Which I really didn't even have to beg!  He willing invested in me.  I knew I could do it if I just had the right tools. (this is my friend Juile who came over so I could paint her face for her daughters halloween party.  It was my first full face)

Since Last August I've been painting faces at birthday partys for extra income!  
I love love love it!  I've never been an artist, but I've always been a doodler!

 These next four faces were some I painted yesterday at a 5th grade end of the school year party. 
I painted 80 children!  I was awesome!

  Love this one!  It's so hard to come up with the guy stuff... 
boring compared to the girls who love girly and fun!  

I went to a local preschool class last month to bless a teacher for all her hard work. 
 The boys refused to get painted!  lol  

I've recently taught about 6 ladies at church to paint.  
We've been able to do some great outreaches this way.  

More photos to come, lucky me... I'm painting tomorrow!

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