Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brown City Missionary Camp

So this is Camp number two outta six this year.  We love Brown City Camp but is is always terribly hot!  However, this year was a great year!  We had only 1 super hot, unberable day in the open air tabernacle.

Although, you would think by the looks of Paul shirt every moring after devotions and evening program, that it was over 100 degress everyday!!  

It sure is fun though putting a 170 screaming, sweaty kids in this sauna!

It rained at camp and I found the beginning of the rainbow!  I've never seen the begining of a rainbow before!  I told paul we'd better run quick to get the pot of gold before it disappears!

 We were also very fortunate that this year at camp they let us have our very own golf cart!  

I'm not sure who was having more fun?  Us or the girls?

I just happpen to be a week behind in my posting.  This camp was last week and so far we have finnished up a 3 day family crusade in Davision, MI and now we are currently in Battle Creek, MI for another family crusade.   

I'm trying to keep up but it just seems near impossible!

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