Friday, July 22, 2011

Busch Garden

Paul and I were blessed with some tickets to Busch Gardens while we were in Florida.   It was way to hot to go to the park but we did.  I'm such a wimp.  I don't do so well in the heat any more, must be I'm getting old.  It would have been tough on the girls if they were with us.   We still had a great time despite of the high temps in Tampa.

We were lucky enough to be ushered into the back door of Busch Gardens by someone who will remain   anonymous. In the late afternoon on Friday, Paul and I caught all the shows and then came back on Sunday to eat all the food we could and ride the rollor coasters.  Which are our favorite by the way.  I can't handle those spin and puke rides anymore.

We were blessed with spending money and we're told to purchase these bands that get you all the food you can eat for $29.00 per person.  So that is what we did, and did we eat good!  

Breakfast was eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast.  The deal is this... you get an entree, plus a drink, and a side dish.  You can get back in line as many times as you like.  Paul and I each ate a breakfast and from here on out we shared meals. Each getting our own drinks and sides.   We wanted to try everything we could!

After breakfast we hit the Cheeta Hunt , it's a new coaster in the park.  It was a smooth ride...:D  Then we hit up the wooden coaster and it was awful!  I don't know how I did those when I was younger.  It's a killer on the body!

 Next we hit an early lunch!  Chicken Ceaser Salad (sorry it's half eaten we forgot to take the photo), chocolate Oreo cup cake and waters.

Lunch... BBQ ribs, chicken and brisket with fries and a roll, two beverages, cheese cake and strawberrys.  I don't know how anyone would have room to get back in line and get more food!

Off to hit another coaster, suprisingly not barfing up all this food I'm eating in this 100 degree weather.
(Sorry the photos are junky.  I used my phone.  I didn't want to carry around my Canon.)

Most places that we ate at were indoors. So to get outta the heat we'd slip in and grab a snack and a beverage to keep hydrated!  Here we stopped at the Pizza Place only stoping for desert pizza and a Mt. Dew.   From this point on I was ruined.... I needed to used the bathroom everytime is seen one!

I forgot how wonderful Busch Garden Park was.  Last time we were here Autumn was just three years old.  It's mostly shaded with great walkways, the zoo and the amusment park are mixed very nicely.

Food again :D  Turkey wrap, with home make chips and pickel.  Don't forget the Chocolate Cake and beverages.   There is no way Paul and I could each eat our own meals at this rate!

We stepped inside to catch a show, cool down and have another snack!  Paul needed a coffe and I wanted to try that brownie.  It so convient to just walk through the line to grab a drink or fresh fruit.  Not having to wait in line to pay was so nice.  I'd recomment this meal deal if you ever plan on visiting Busch Garden.  It's so worth the money.

On the bright side... we are walking and sweating it off!  By telling myself this it helps me not feel so guilty about eating again... Can you believe the pastor and his wife sining on the Sabbath day with Gluttony! lol  We shared a fish sandwich and fries with a chocolate desert and beverage.   Paul is making me lay off the beverages.  He's tired of me having to use the bathroom every 30 minutes.  

 Final stop of the evening... Carrot cake, sweet tea and a coffee.   That's it... Your gonna have to roll us outta the park!

The evening show called Kinetix was AWESOME!  It was worth the stay till the very end!   I'm glad Paul and I braved the heat wave and got to spend a HOTTER THAN HELL day together enjoying the adventures and eating till our hearts were content!

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I can't believe how much you ate!!!

It all looked good though.


That is insane! I'm pretty sure I would have been barfing if I ate that much food and then went on rides!

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