Monday, August 15, 2011

Bay Shore Camp

Running behind in post, but we've had no internet at the last two camps!  boo

It sure makes it hard to keep up on things!  Bay Shore is a great camp with awesome activites for the girls to do....  however we worked or butt off!  You know... it's funny how we work, work, work our butt off but we don't lose weight!  I think I've put on a few pounds becasue of having desert after every meal! lol

I know that by looking at these photos your thinking... The Dietzels just played around all day!  But I beg to differ!

The gym that were were in was dark for photos so I just didn't bother takeing photos of our programs.  Your gonna have to trust me on this one.   We had about 100 children at Bay Shore Camp.   This was a 8 day camp and we did at total of 20 programs!  Totaling about 24 hours of pragrams and material!

We have been the camp evangelist at this camp for the last 5 years.  Lillie was just a baby when we came here.  I remember shoving her in the nursery screaming so I could go and do our program.  My how those days have changed,  Lillie loves her classes now.  Autumn actually went to the Jr. Hight class, I  still can't believe I have a kid in Jr. High! 

We just returned home from Brown City Camp (Photos hopefully tomorrow) doing another 12 programs in the last week.  These last two camps have really taken a toll on Paul.  I think our bodies are telling us we are getting old.  Paul though his back out mid week of camp trying to catch something falling of the table.  Looks like we will not be doing much this week on our week off of no programs!  Which is probably a good thing.

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