Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man is it Hot in Florida

Paul and I are currently in Wimauma, Florida which is near Tampa.  We are kidless and we are having a blast! haha  We do miss the girls.  We are going on week number two and we are getting anxious to get home.

These photos are of last weeks camp at the Church of God Camp in Wimauma, kids are ages 10-12 years old.

This week we are speaking at the Jr. Camp which is ages 6-9 years old but some 5 year olds have slipped in! lol
Paul and I love camps... It's one of our heart beats.   We feel so blessed to be asked to be guest speakers at youth camps. Paul and I both grew up at Youth Camp and it holds a very special place in our hearts!  We even met at Youth Camp :D

This weekend Paul and I were able to see a movie, go to the ocean and do Busch Gardens Amusment Park!  We've been having so much fun together...  These are the times I feel guilty when we don't have the girls.   I know they'd be having a blast.  We know they are in good hands at the Grandparents.  We SKYP often and they seem to not miss us at all.

We have missed our Faith Family this week too, Big Time!!!  We love them so much.  It has been a great weight lift off my shoulders to have staff back at home keeping it all going smooth while we are away.   We have to be gone one Sunday a month during our summer busy season, but it feels as if we have not missed a beat!

I'll post photos soon of Bush Gardens!  Until next time...

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Don't feel guilty about having time with just Paul....trust me on this I have one kid going to college this year, another next year. I'm glad Marcus and I have had time to keep our love and friendship strong all these years. So when they leave and move on to the next stage of life we are gonna be just fine :) we will miss them but our relationship is strong. Yall are awesome. Wish we could have visited while in Michigan! Love you guys! Bobbie

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