Monday, February 27, 2012

We've Moved!

We've moved!  Well, not Paul and I but our church!

I've been MIA for two months!  I'm soooo sorry.  
Time is precious and it's been hard to squeeze you in blog!

Faith Family has left the YMCA and is now in the neighboring town of Corunna at the Community Center!  We've had to redo the whole stage!  It's been a big job... but the Lord provide the funds for lighting and sound!  

We now have a band!  Yippee!  We no longer sing to CDs!  I know big deal right!

Paul and I are so honored that the Lord is using us to reach the families of your community!  

1 I love Comments!!:


Hey, Jessica! I was just perusing old blog posts and laying some groundwork for a review of We Are That Family's release next month of her "That Works For Me" book...and I found a comment from you on this post:

Three years ago! It was my very first time at Works For Me Wednesday, and there isn't even a link back to the WFMW blog because a friend linked me to it. (And that was the point that I became addicted to comments.)

So I came to check up on you -- congratulations on having a band! We are part of a 7-year-old church plant in Colorado, and we are just weeks away from moving into our first permanent building. Woot woot!

May you be blessed today as you faithfully serve!

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