Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas has come and gone!

Christmas has come and gone but good thing for the Dietzel is we celebrate Jesus all year long!  

Christmas this year was spent at Mom like usual :D  This year being a Sunday Christmas the YMCA was closed so Faith Family did not have service.  However we got to go to church with my dad and mom which was nice.

  •  Most of you know by now how the we do our Christmas... 3 gifts.  
  • Something you Want
  • Something you Need 
  • and a Surprise!
In Lillies Surprise Box was an American Girl 
and in Autumns Want Box was a Basic Singer Sewing machine

  These were some fun aprons I got for my family :D  Why?  becasue I'm weird!

I tryed this new recipe for homemade eggrolls.... I turned out surprisingly.  You know with my cooking record that is nothing short of a miricle!

 So there you have it, Merry Christmas from the Dietzel Family!

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Amy Warden

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Those aprons are a hoot!

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