Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm to young to lose my husband!

I had to call Paul's mom and tell her what was wrong with him.  This is what the doctor told me to tell her...

"Paul is a very sick man, he has a Skin Infection and he will be here in the hospital for at least 4-5 day. "

Well, we started out the trip to the ER we thought that Paul had a hernia.  Since that day Paul had to stay in this hospital for 16 days.  He was in ICU for 7 days.  It was a Holiday that we'll never forget. Doctors would come into the room and tell me they had no idea what was wrong with Him. He is so healthy they would say.  After several bood cultures and test, he had a Strep A infection, Staph Infection and Fascitis.  He was on several antibiotics & different pain meds that did'nt like him.  This caused him to go a little loopy.  Ok  a lot.   He had to be put on a ventilator for two night.  This finally made him get much needed rest.  They gave him a 30% chance of living, or a 70% chance of dying. However you want to look at it, it wasn't good. Through much love and prayers, Thanks be to Jesus Christ we moved out of ICU!  

He put on 40 pounds of fluid from the infections and antibiotics weighting his heaviest at 286 pounds. They gave him a shot to help him pee of the weight. He lost 7-8 pounds during the night. (that more than 1 gal. of milk)  By the time he left the hospital he had lost 62 pound.  He lost the 40 pounds plus some. He said this winter he wanted to loose 20 pounds.  Now he's one skinny man! 

From all the info and e-mails I received, I figure there were at least 22 churches that I know for sure praying for Paul that Sunday.  People from coast to coast.  Not counting friends & family around home.

There are many, many stories to tell.

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Jess, I think this is a great way to get what you wanna say out there! Good for you! I really admire you for always trying new things! You are a really amazing woman.


Mrs jessica your amazing !I bet this was hard to go thourgh this.


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