Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Love my New Sling!

I wish I would have had one of these with Autumn.  Lillie is so content when she ready for her nap when I wear her.  Front or Back she's a happy camper.  I'll be so sad when she gets to big for here sling.

My friend tammy made me this sling, she did and great job...the cost is $40.  Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll pass along her info.

Now for the sad news.  I've miss placed it.  I haven't been able to find it for a week.  I know exactly were I've used it last and it's not there.  Pray that I find it.  I can't live without it!!!

3 I love Comments!!:


Oh no! That's a mei tai, yeah? I have two and LOVE them - it's all I wear over here. I hope you find yours soon!!!


Still no idea where it went? We should get together and try to make one.


Did you find it? I hope so. It looks so super cute onyou! I love how Lillie's dress matches the Mei Tai! Love- Tami

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